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  • 2022 #MakeHimHurt Challenge

    2022 #MakeHimHurt Challenge

    On the back of my Cross-country Drive blog, Part 5 specifically, the fine folks at Sonflower have decided to put me to the test and try to “make me hurt“. This came in the form of a Give Lively fundraiser and two donations to kick it off. The ringleader in this effort, Alicia, not only […]

  • 2022 Cross-country Drive (Part 5: Crisis of Confidence)

    2022 Cross-country Drive (Part 5: Crisis of Confidence)

    While this is part 5, and final, in my series covering my recent cross-country road trip, this one will be considerably different in topic. It will also be somewhat depressing to animal lovers at the start but hopefully swing back to a happier tone by the end. This one will not cover aspects of a […]

  • 2020 – 2022 Charity Auction Drive Summary

    2020 – 2022 Charity Auction Drive Summary

    Between October 26, 2020 and May 12, 2022, I put up 197 charity auctions on behalf of myself and 32 other people who donated items for the cause. Whoever donated the item for the auction got to pick the charity, or in some cases asked me to pick. For the most part, all money went […]

  • The Charity Challenge for Banshee

    The Charity Challenge for Banshee

    Unfortunately for them, the fax machine was invented in 1843. Banshee admitted defeat, so Durian it is! But I wanted to give some encouragement and started a charity pledge drive. Of course, me being me, I created a tracking sheet for this and as of this blog, there is already $1945 in pledges to help […]

  • The Charity Challenge for The Only Mike E.

    The Charity Challenge for The Only Mike E.

    Well, maybe not the only one, but this one promises to be fun! It started with such a harmless Tweet, essentially Mike digging his own mouth-hole grave. From there it really spiraled out of control and it just keeps getting better. This evening I put my Amazon skills where his mouth is and sent items, […]

  • Niki7a vs Magen – Charity Drive

    Niki7a vs Magen – Charity Drive

    Like the epic rumble in the jungle, after a quick offer to throw money to charity on behalf of their suffering, other generous souls jumped in to do the same. The result? Niki7a and Magen are now locked in a legendary contest to see who can wear their DEF CON 29 bracelet the longest. Whoever […]

  • How Many Trees Are You Celebrating @arborday?

    The Arbor Day Foundation is a 501c(3) nonprofit organization founded in 1972 that seeks to “inspire people to plant, nurture, and celebrate trees“. I received a “Colorado Tree Survey” from them today, part of what is a never-ending stream of snail-mail spam that I have written about before. For this envelope, the thing that caught […]

  • A String of Charity Auctions…

    Auction #1: 2020 Custom Swag Pack (limited edition)Auction #2: Six Acrylic Coins w/ Pouch (quantity: 15)Auction #3: 270 Unique Stickers (Miscellaneous, InfoSec, Pop Culture, More!) Starting this week, I will post the first of several charity auctions to eBay. I don’t know how many there will be exactly, but these will be bigger […]

  • Ad-hoc Charity Type Things

    Last month, I decided to an ad-hoc charity drive via Twitter. I did it figuring I might get a handful of donations between $5 and $25 dollars and would help out some animal charities. Boy was I shocked. Right out of the gate, Steve Syfuhs donated $35 to the ASPCA for directly helping them previously. […]

  • I wanted to support the Red Cross during Harvey… (but I can’t, so I need alternatives…)

    File this under “blogs I didn’t expect to, or want to write tonight”. With hurricane Harvey causing incredible damage and distress to Texas, many of us are looking for ways to help. I’d love to be down there in a boat rescuing animals or humans, bringing free bottled water (as opposed to the horrible alternative), […]