Niki7a vs Magen – Charity Drive

Like the epic rumble in the jungle, after a quick offer to throw money to charity on behalf of their suffering, other generous souls jumped in to do the same. The result? Niki7a and Magen are now locked in a legendary contest to see who can wear their DEF CON 29 bracelet the longest. Whoever wears the bracelet the longest gets to pick the charity we donate to. Magen has opted to have donations go to SailFuture, “a comprehensive child welfare agency, and private school based in St. Petersburg, Florida” who’s mission is “to innovate and develop effective programs for high-risk youth, particularly youth in foster care.” At the time of this blog, Niki7a is still deciding.

Image courtesy @drwolfff

This started out with Nikit7a’s innocent Tweet:

Magen qualified that there are challenge coin rules to keep each other honest:

With all of the people kicking in to donate, I will maintain a spreadsheet to track pledges and totals!

04/13/2022 Update – Since the challenge started, the two dedicated bracelet wearers are still at it. The tracking sheet linked above has a ‘Proof of Band’ tab with links to Tweets where they periodically show the state of their band. In the mix there are a few others so as of today, I am doing a secondary pledge!

For @TC_Johnson, @cbyter, and @shortRound5454, all of whom have linked pictures showing their bands, I am pledging $500 to the charity of your choice, for each one of you that makes it to DC30, as well as an additional $1337 to each of you that make it to DC31. Band on!

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