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Who am I? Vulnerability historian, philanthropist, volunteer wildlife rehabilitator, InfoSec recriminator, and champion of small misunderstood creatures.

Old bio: Jericho has been poking about the hacker/security scene since ~ 1992, building valuable skills such as skepticism and anger management. As a hacker-turned-security whore, he has a great perspective to offer unsolicited opinion on just about any topic, usually security-related. A long-time advocate of advancing the InfoSec field, sometimes by any means necessary, he thinks the idea of ‘forward thinking‘ is quaint; we’re supposed to be thinking that way all the time.

His experience spans from first generation home computers to large-scale servers powering the most current business applications. Working in the computer security industry for the past two decades, he has provided security audit and penetration assessment for banks, Fortune whatevers, the military, and more. He has provided training and consultation for many of the scary TLAs, some that wield coffee mugs as much as guns. That includes the FBI, who raided his apartment in 1999.

Jericho’s articles and rants focusing on security issues have been widely circulated on the Internet, corporate newsletters, and even dead trees. As time and interest permits, he has been a speaker at security conferences worldwide, primarily for the free travel to exotic locales. A founding member of Attrition.org, he was also the content manager for the Open Source Vulnerability Database (OSVDB) and an officer in the Open Security Foundation (OSF).

No degree, no certifications, just the willingness to say things many in this dismal industry are thinking but unwilling to say themselves. He remains a champion of security industry integrity and small misunderstood creatures.

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  1. Hey Jericho,
    For the past year I have been scouring everywhere for information. I am working on a publication based on Chinese hacking culture. I found you (as well as attrition) a while back. Someone with so much experience, like yourself, could really push my research in the direction that I want. I would like to pick you brain. You guys have done some great work on China, and I would love to see just how deep you can go. Are you willing to exchange some emails?

    I am a graduate student in California. My research is on social movements, the political sphere that revolves around them, and how they have created a unique hacker society in China.

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