A String of Charity Auctions…

Auction #1: Attrition.org 2020 Custom Swag Pack (limited edition)
Auction #2: Attrition.org Six Acrylic Coins w/ Pouch (quantity: 15)
Auction #3: 270 Unique Stickers (Miscellaneous, InfoSec, Pop Culture, More!)

Starting this week, I will post the first of several charity auctions to eBay. I don’t know how many there will be exactly, but these will be bigger than the typical Twitter-based single sticker pack charity drives I do on occasion. The goal is for each to be significant in both what you win as well as raising money to help good causes. Ming Chow and Lei have both generously donated a lot of great InfoSec swag for the cause, so keep an eye out for t-shirts, con badges, as well as some 0day Attrition swag.

With wildfires devastating California and Colorado, among other places, providing a bit of relief will be one goal. Expect to see another charity to help an animal cause and one for military veterans. Due to the way eBay works I cannot give the winner a choice in where the money goes so please choose the one you bid on wisely.

As auctions are created I will Tweet about them on @attritionorg and appreciate any sharing on your favorite platforms (e.g. Slack, Discord, Carrier Pigeon) to reach a broader audience. In addition to the original posted item, I will add more to the final box that gets sent out based on target amounts reached in the charity auction. But first, please read this disclaimer:

Bid on what you see listed and pictured in the auction, not on what might or might not be included later. The stuff that will be added is very much in the spirit of the original ‘box of shit‘ I began sending out long ago. Generally fun or odd things that have no real value other than laughter or odd looks I hope. Any value attributed to additional items that accompany the listing is your own.

This will finally be your first chance to have a shot at the slick new Attrition acrylic coins and another chance at a set of seven new Attrition stickers.


During this period of charity auctions there will be impromptu offers of one-off sticker packs or knock-off ‘Lolzo’ coins that don’t come in the nice black felt pouch (and typically don’t have all six coins). As I tend to do, they will be given out contingent on smaller charity donations. Please note that I do my best to make it so people donating are guaranteed what I offer -or- make it clear that it is ‘first-come, first-serve’ (FCFS) and that if you donate you may not necessarily receive what you hoped. This is all done in good faith with the goal of helping non-profits out during a global pandemic, when many are seeing an understandable decrease in their usual funding.

Any questions? Tweet at me so the answers can be seen by all. Really want one of those pouches of coins or sticker packs? Feel free to message an offer that involves donating to a charity in good standing, that uses at least 80% of their money for program expenses and less than 10% for admin expenses. You can see those numbers for many charities using the wonderful Charity Navigator site. For smaller charities that may be local to you or have a more personal connection feel free to DM me their web site and let me look around first.

  • There will only be two auctions that involve slick custom-made Lazlo wooden trays.
  • There will be one super-mega-pack of stickers (InfoSec and not).
  • There will be one auction with a lot of con badges. In fact, they might be split up into a couple auctions.
  • There will be one auction with InfoSec t-shirts.
  • I’ll consider charity offers on ~ 20 of the black pouches with coins starting on September 18.
  • I’ll consider charity offers on ~ 10 of the knock-off Lolzo bags with coins after September 23.

All said and done, this year’s Attrition swag cost over $1,000 to do, but supported one artist and one American company. I had originally planned on selling half of what was made to recoup those costs and then give away the rest. Since the world is in bad shape I decided it would be better to try to raise as much for charity as possible instead. I share this in hopes that anyone receiving items will bear with me on shipping speed and turnaround time. I am doing this in my limited spare time, paying postage, braving the post office, and doing all of it in good faith.


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