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  • A String of Charity Auctions…

    Auction #1: Attrition.org 2020 Custom Swag Pack (limited edition)Auction #2: Attrition.org Six Acrylic Coins w/ Pouch (quantity: 15)Auction #3: 270 Unique Stickers (Miscellaneous, InfoSec, Pop Culture, More!) Starting this week, I will post the first of several charity auctions to eBay. I don’t know how many there will be exactly, but these will be bigger […]

  • New attrition.org stickers! [Big Update!]

    2017-10-12 Update: A kind benefactor and generous soul in the industry has sent $126 to me, to cover the cost of the entire sticker batch. Pretty sure this was their way of saying “you write too much, not reading your stupid blog”. In return, I am sending them an unsolicited envelope or box of shit […]