2020 – 2022 Charity Auction Drive Summary

Between October 26, 2020 and May 12, 2022, I put up 197 charity auctions on behalf of myself and 32 other people who donated items for the cause. Whoever donated the item for the auction got to pick the charity, or in some cases asked me to pick. For the most part, all money went straight to the designated charity via the eBay for Charity program. There were a few one-off situations where that didn’t happen, such as Thotcon which is a 501(c)(3) but cannot get themselves listed. Why? Because PayPal doesn’t like “hacker” things and they are still tied closely to eBay. There were a few times where I selected the wrong charity in the interface or misunderstood the person donating. In those cases I kept it as is then donated a matching amount myself to the intended charity.

In total, we raised $37,679.78 for 58 different charities. A big thank you to those who donated items for the cause and for those who bid and won these items! Below are some numbers and statistics to give an overview of the charity drive.

  • $37,603.78 raised for 58 charities
  • 33 people donated items
  • 79 different people won items from 197 auctions
  • 26 items did not sell originally, were later added to bigger boxes
  • One person raised $5,367.38 via winning 11 auctions, the most money
  • One person raised $2,897.26 via winning 36 auctions, the most wins
  • $4,988.50 was the highest total raised for one charity, Thotcon
  • $4,701.83 was the second highest total raised, for Black Girls CODE
  • 123 conference badges, 36 challenge coins, and 38 ‘other’ items were auctioned
Top 25 Supported Charities

Thanks again to everyone who made this possible!

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