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  • 2020 – 2022 Charity Auction Drive Summary

    2020 – 2022 Charity Auction Drive Summary

    Between October 26, 2020 and May 12, 2022, I put up 197 charity auctions on behalf of myself and 32 other people who donated items for the cause. Whoever donated the item for the auction got to pick the charity, or in some cases asked me to pick. For the most part, all money went […]

  • DC26 Attrition Badge Round-up

    This is the first DEF CON I am attending after a long break. For kicks I decided to make up a run of DC26 Attrition badges like prior years and conferences. Depending on who you ask, the badge is a decoration only, or it gets you into fabulous parties and amazing events. Anyone with a […]

  • Ad-hoc Charity Type Things

    Last month, I decided to an ad-hoc charity drive via Twitter. I did it figuring I might get a handful of donations between $5 and $25 dollars and would help out some animal charities. Boy was I shocked. Right out of the gate, Steve Syfuhs donated $35 to the ASPCA for directly helping them previously. […]

  • I wanted to support the Red Cross during Harvey… (but I can’t, so I need alternatives…)

    File this under “blogs I didn’t expect to, or want to write tonight”. With hurricane Harvey causing incredible damage and distress to Texas, many of us are looking for ways to help. I’d love to be down there in a boat rescuing animals or humans, bringing free bottled water (as opposed to the horrible alternative), […]

  • The Charity Snail Mail Burden

    If you have ever donated to a charity, you likely received something in the mail from them down the road. A thank you note (and request for more money), a new fundraising initiative where they would like you to donate again, or general information (and request for more money). What happens when you donate to […]

  • Smile! And your favorite charity benefits.

    Recently, Amazon implemented a program called ‘Smile’ that allows you to select a charity who will get a small portion (0.5%) of your purchases. The beauty of this program is that you select your charity one time. Every visit to Amazon after that, they donate. Even better, if you forget to go to the ‘smile’ […]

  • BSidesLV, two boxes-of-shit up for charity auction…

    For those not familiar, last year I created a new-and-improved Box-of-Shit that was put for charity auction at BSidesLV 2014. Wow, lot of dashes there, go Engrish! For those not familiar with the absolutely legendary attrition.org boxes-of-shit, take a minute to familiarize yourself with it. The box last year was the center of a heated […]

  • BSidesLV, Charity, and a change of heart.

    Read it all heathen! Teaser list of stuff in the charity box is included below. As most reading this blog know, next week is the annual pilgrimage to Las Vegas to attend the ‘meta-con’. A mix of BSidesLV, BlackHat Briefings USA, DEFCON, and a number of other smaller sub-conferences, meet-ups, gatherings, and the ever present […]

  • Moving toward 10%…

    I took notes for this blog in October, 2010 and never finished it off. The concept of the tithe goes back thousands of years. Most people I know associate it with churches in England hundreds of years ago. These days I can’t say I have heard of many, if any at all, following the practice […]

  • Saving the world, one dollar at a time…

    From time to time, I am asked if I want to donate a dollar to $CAUSE. It happens in retail establishments like Whole Foods, Safeway, Regal Cinemas, and even gas stations. The causes range from charities fighting disease to helping my state recover from wild fires. In some cases, they don’t even ask for a […]