2022 #MakeHimHurt Challenge – The Results

On July 17, 2022, I posted a challenge to help raise money for wildlife rehabilitation nonprofits in Colorado on the back of a cross-country drive last year. It’s a cause near and dear to my heart as I volunteer in this realm, primarily helping squirrels and raccoons. Since wildlife rehab shops get so little from the government through optional grants, a vast majority of their funding comes from private donors. In addition to helping wildlife these donations qualify for a deduction in taxes.

The Results…

For the #MakeHimHurt challenge, named by Alicia, a volunteer at Sonflower Wildlife Rehabilitation Center, I offered to do a 3:1 match for that organization since I volunteer there, and a 1:1 match for any other Colorado 501(c)(3) wildlife rehab shop. Now that the new year has come it is time to check the results.

Sonflower Wildlife Rehabilitation Center: Alicia created a Give Lively fundraiser, along with in-person donations at the ranch, along with some donations at the Sonflower fall shindig, and raised a total of $22,733.61. As a result, they are receiving an in-kind donation from me for $68,200. Well done!

Northern Colorado Wildlife Center: A bit after Sonflower’s fundraiser, Tallon Nightwalker at NoCo started a fundraiser for their shop, which is growing rapidly, and received donations in person under the challenge. All said and done, they ended up raising $11,704.69 which is incredible. They will be receiving $23,410 from me for the match.

Greenwood Wildlife Rehabilitation Center: Due to leadership change and the long-time director stepping down last year, they were very late to the game. They had just over 48 hours before they realized the challenge could prove fruitful so they sent out a Tweet, an email, and a Facebook post. Due to their tenure in rehab work (over 40 years!) they have a large following. As a result, they were able to raise $16,019.70 in just two days. Absolutely incredible! They will be receiving $32,040 from me.

The Damage…

Three shops participated, each raising an incredible amount of money. The total raised?

Northern Colorado$23,410

Wow, well done!


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