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  • 2022 #MakeHimHurt Challenge

    2022 #MakeHimHurt Challenge

    On the back of my Cross-country Drive blog, Part 5 specifically, the fine folks at Sonflower have decided to put me to the test and try to “make me hurt“. This came in the form of a Give Lively fundraiser and two donations to kick it off. The ringleader in this effort, Alicia, not only […]

  • 2022 Cross-country Drive (Part 5: Crisis of Confidence)

    2022 Cross-country Drive (Part 5: Crisis of Confidence)

    While this is part 5, and final, in my series covering my recent cross-country road trip, this one will be considerably different in topic. It will also be somewhat depressing to animal lovers at the start but hopefully swing back to a happier tone by the end. This one will not cover aspects of a […]

  • Squirrel Tech Support

    Last year in October, I did a release of Fox squirrels for Greenwood Wildlife Rehabilitation after they had been rehabilitated. These squirrels couldn’t go back exactly where they came from because the owner of the property wasn’t available to give permission, which is required by Colorado Parks and Wildlife regulations. A wonderful lady that was […]

  • Ad-hoc Charity Type Things

    Last month, I decided to an ad-hoc charity drive via Twitter. I did it figuring I might get a handful of donations between $5 and $25 dollars and would help out some animal charities. Boy was I shocked. Right out of the gate, Steve Syfuhs donated $35 to the ASPCA for directly helping them previously. […]

  • Surprise! Guinea pigs… (the end of an era)

    Almost 7 years ago (August 18, 2007), I returned from a business trip to find a guinea pig in my living room. My significant other at the time, Kay, had wanted to rescue a guinea pig or three. We had talked about it and I was willing, but wanted to talk about it more. She […]

  • Squirrel Art Bonanza!

    When it rains, it pours. Or so goes the old saying. In this case, it has never rained before really. In the span of 4 weeks, I went from zero squirrel-themed art to having three unique pieces. The first came in the form of a gift from Jane, who I am in a slow-played battle […]

  • 10 Greatest Squirrel Attacks of All Time

    In the wake of the ‘Squirrel Power‘ article by Jon Mooallem who boldly proclaimed “OH MY GOD, LOOK, I WROTE ABOUT POWER OUTAGES CAUSED BY SQUIRRELS IN THE NEW YORK TIMES“. I had to remind him that while awesome, he is not the first to warn people of this dastardly threat. In a presentation titled […]

  • The Popcorn Thesis

    During a recent email thread, a friend and I were comparing our local squirrels. She put forth that her Chicago squirrels did not eat popcorn, to which I expressed my disbelief. I couldn’t imagine a squirrel turning their nose up at it. I said I would have to test that theory. I’ll be curious whether […]

  • My Penguin Encounter

    Yesterday, I went to the Denver Zoo to attend one of the new Animal Adventures. For 90 minutes, we got a guided tour of the Bird World exhibit, as well as behind the scenes access to the kitchen, and private time with a penguin (the real reason to go). We sat down in the visitation […]

  • Why Squirrels…

    I get that question frequently, for obvious reasons. Not only is the mascot a demented angry squirrel named Lazlo, but I seemingly have a serious fixation on squirrels if you read my Twitter stream. For over two years, I have been feeding squirrels that made their way up to my balcony, some that come […]