Do you want the best cocktail?

Do you want the best cocktail you have probably had in recent years? Assuming you don’t go out too much and partake in all of the drinks?

There’s a simple way I have found, that has a near 100% success rate. Even better, it almost always makes the person taking your order, or your bartender, smile and enjoy what they do for a bit.

The simple way is go to a bar and talk to the bartender, especially if they have any skills or fancy themselves a mixologist, and ask them “if you had one hour to live what would be your final drink?” That’s all, or if you want to qualify it say “nothing on the menu“. You will always get one of the most delicious, amazing drinks you can imagine.

Now, as a warning, if you are a diabetic please note that you are likely to get drinks that are full on sugar bombs. That taste um… amazing. Sweet, sweet sugary death in a glass.


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