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  • Abbott, the Libre 2 App, and No Common Sense

    Abbott, the Libre 2 App, and No Common Sense

    For those familiar with continuous glucose monitors (CGM), you may be familiar with the Abbott FreeStyle Libre device. It is an extremely popular device that is based on Near-field communication (NFC) where the wearer uses their phone to poll the device attached to their body. NFC is convenient but very low range; it’s the same […]

  • Review: Console Vault – Installation, Security, and Break-in

    Review: Console Vault – Installation, Security, and Break-in

    Last October I purchased a “Console Vault Jeep Grand Cherokee 2011-2021” which is a drop-in vault for the center console. At the time I paid $269 for it but the price is currently listed at $299. While the vault is a great idea, this model had some strengths and ultimately weaknesses that mean it was […]

  • Dec 3 – Breckenridge Ski Report

    The Good The people on the mountain are mostly good about social distancing in on the lift rides (two people for a four-chair lift), but not so much in line. You get a stark reminder of this when it is 10 degrees and you can see everyone’s breath. While not much of the terrain is […]

  • Twitter, Companies, and your Complaints

    The rise of social media has been interesting to say the least. Many on twitter have found it to give them a type of power as they can voice their complaints directly to a company that has wronged them. Everything from bad customer service, bad prices, minor inconvenience, or even perceived slights that likely never […]

  • A Small Ask of @JerseyMikes For the Greater Good

    A Small Ask of @JerseyMikes For the Greater Good

    A proposal for Jersey Mike’s to cut as many as 31 billion calories from consumer diets a year.

  • Improving Foursquare

    FourSquare is a social media application, allowing you to use GPS enabled phones to ‘check in’ to venues, earn badges, etc. As with most social media platforms, 4sq lacks several features and would benefit from additional work. Some of my ideas, after using the site for a month. “Things done” is a poor choice of […]

  • So far, yet so short…

    two days into my smart phone experience, i am simultaneously amazed and disgusted by the state of technology surrounding these devices and ‘cloud’ applications. back in the day, i had a ‘hacker’ mindset. i found flaws in systems that let me circumvent security or gain privileges not intended for users (or remote people not intended […]

  • Hey asshole business (Chase)

    Ranting on behalf of a friend. We were out grabbing vegetables for the guinea pigs, a quick dinner and some wine for her. Trying to purchase wine, her debit card was declined. Figuring it was a fluke and the bad mojo of our local Wine Nazi rubbing off, she tried again at Wahoo’s and it […]