112 Years of Vulnerabilities: How did we get here, knowing what we know?

I gave a presentation on computer vulnerability history at BSides Delaware in November, 2013. Shortly after, I gave the presentation a couple times at Westchester Community College and the University of Pennsylvania, along with a brief version for the Invisible Harms conference at UPenn. The linked version is the revised copy after my initial run at BSidesDE. The talk gives a history of computer vulnerabilities starting in 1902 (for real!) and continues up to modern day, looking at how long we have been subject to them, and asking the question ‘why’ do we still see them in modern software. Video from the BSidesDE presentation is available courtesy of Irongeek. A copy of the original BSidesDE presentation is available, but I recommend the revised copy above from Shakacon in June, 2014. As always, there are extra comments and tons of references in the PPT files.

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