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  • Rebuttal: How to avoid headaches when publishing a CVE

    Rebuttal: How to avoid headaches when publishing a CVE

    On May 12, 2022, Adeeb Shah published an article on Help Net Security titled “How to avoid headaches when publishing a CVE”. Shah is a Senior Security Consultant with SpiderLabs, part of Trustwave. Note that it also appears on Trustwave’s blog and includes a second name in the byline, Bobby Cooke. For the sake of […]

  • Forbes: Lazy Vulnerability Reporting & A Bit of Bias

    It may have been almost two decades ago, I joked with colleagues that many Information Security news articles could just be done via Mad Libs. We later joked that breach notifications often appeared to be done via Mad Libs, using the same phrases with different organization names and the number of affected customers. Over the […]

  • Sharks Are Scary but Worry About Mosquitoes

    [This was originally published on RiskBasedSecurity.com and was included in the 2021 Mid Year Vulnerability QuickView Report.] It seems like every day that we hear about a new hack and read headlines that tell us that so-called advanced persistent threats (APT) are compromising major organizations. These APT and nation-state actors have incredible skill and seemingly […]

  • Down The Vulnerability Rabbit Hole

    [This was originally published on RiskBasedSecurity.com.] In a recent article, The Importance of a Living Database, we detailed why it is important to revisit entries as new information comes to light. Like the times, vulnerabilities are a-changin’. We’ve been known to revisit a vulnerability record over 1,200 times, which may seem excessive, and some may […]

  • SolarWinds: Sitting on Undisclosed Vulnerabilities

    [This was originally published on RiskBasedSecurity.com.] SolarWinds was in the news last year, as the victim of an attack that compromised its Orion Platform software by inserting a backdoor into it, allowing for remote code execution. This attack has had an incredible impact on the security industry and recently, interest in the SolarWinds breach has […]

  • “Secure” E2E Messaging Apps: More Than Meets the Eye

    [This was originally published on RiskBasedSecurity.com.] Secure messaging apps, often touted as having end-to-end (E2E) encryption, have become extremely popular in recent years. This popularity has increased even more in the last two months, likely influenced by increased anxiety over the power wielded by “big tech” and endorsement by celebrated tech business leaders like Elon […]

  • Commentary on Radware’s Top Web Exploits of 2020

    At the close of each year we see at least one article covering the top vulnerabilities / exploits from the prior year. This is usually written on the back of having large detection networks across the Internet that get a comprehensive view of exploitation. It’s a great way to get real intelligence for criminal hacking […]

  • Why EVM Security Hasn’t Changed For More Than 15 Years

    [This was originally published on RiskBasedSecurity.com in the 2020 Q3 Vulnerability Quickview Report. It was authored with Curtis Kang.] In our 2019 Year End Vulnerability QuickView Report, we presented a detailed history of public Electronic Voting Machine (EVM) vulnerabilities. We’ve seen little change to the overall EVM security picture since then. With the Presidential elections […]

  • Electronic Voting Machines; That Old Redux…

    [This was originally published on RiskBasedSecurity.com in the 2019 End-of-year Vulnerability Report.] Integrity is one of the cornerstones to both the concept and the practice of Information Security. We want to make sure that the integrity of the systems we use remains intact. It doesn’t matter if it is your smart watch, smart IoT device, […]

  • Microsoft, CVE, MITRE, ETERNALBLUE, Headache…

    2019-02-14 Update: Thanks to Chris Mills @ MSRC (@TheChrisAM), who has been working behind the scenes since this blog was published, he has brought clarity to these assignments! MSRC is still potentially touching up some additional documentation to make it easier to see these associations, but here is the definitive answer from him: CVE-2017-0143 ShadowBrokers […]