Lessons from New Zealand

What I learned in New Zealand today:

NZ does not have squirrels. None, not a single one. Oddly enough, they sell little pewter squirrels in the gift shop at the Auckland zoo. *boggle* Before I die, I may commit one international violation and import squirrels into this country. Two positive notes; they have stoats here apparently, and they have guinea pigs in their zoo.

Just because they name something ‘Mount $name’ does not mean it is a mountain. At least, not to me. The top of the tall mountain in Auckland peaks around 4,000 feet below my living room in Denver.

Sushi is weird here. So far, all I have seen are places that do takeaway (to-go), or have it pre-made in a glass display. Each piece is HUGE, and by that, I mean an absurd amount of rice.

Even their sinks are backwards. Cold on the left, hot on the right.

Many NZ girls apparently think Americans have sexy accents. Even those of us who have no discernible accent in the US (e.g., versus southern, Jersey, or Texan).


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