Dammit Nugget…

Got home from riding and proceeded to get a bag of lettuce from the fridge. The rustling of a plastic bag sets the gpiggies into a minor frenzy. Zesty, Biscuit, Waffle and Tater were all on the upper floor, eager for lettuce. I looked on the lower floor and saw nugget sleeping under the ramp. In her old age, she doesn’t always respond to the plastic bag. Sometimes it takes me putting lettuce under her nose to get her awake and eating.

I reached in and she didn’t move. Wedged under the ramp, I couldn’t see her breathing, her eyelids didn’t move. I touched her forehead and ran my finger up to her ears, nothing. Bleh. Being a senior piggy, somewhere between 6 and 7 years old, with worrying weight loss the past six months, I figured it was her time. I went to the other room to get a small box, returned to the cage and put the ramp up segregating the four pigs up top.

The ramp moving startled Nugget awake. Dammit Nugget..

Her time is coming, sooner rather than later. thinking she passed today, I wasn’t hit like i was on previous pigs. For the first time, I have a gpig that is going to pass naturally in old age. Every pig before her had health complications that cut their life short to some degree. When she goes, as long as it is quietly and peaceful, she will have lived a great life.

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