Month: October 2010

  • Great Hay Field in the Sky

    barely a week ago, Nugget scared me. i ended the post saying that sooner rather than later, her time would be here. that time was tonight. after returning from festivities downtown, i prepared the veggie platter for the pigs. opening the bottom cage, i immediately noticed nugget laying on her side by the hay box. […]

  • Listening in on a Wire

    I’ve been a fan of the TV show ‘The Wire’ since i first saw it. Originally, it was just good police drama. a well done show that did not rely on gimmicks, wild chases or thousand bullet shoot outs. The show happens in Baltimore, not one of the staples TV rely on (LA and NY). […]

  • Dammit Nugget…

    Got home from riding and proceeded to get a bag of lettuce from the fridge. The rustling of a plastic bag sets the gpiggies into a minor frenzy. Zesty, Biscuit, Waffle and Tater were all on the upper floor, eager for lettuce. I looked on the lower floor and saw nugget sleeping under the ramp. […]

  • All Along the Trail…

    After more than six months of riding lessons, I went out on my first real trail ride today. In Sunday, a few days ago, instead of my weekly lesson Chelsea asked if I wanted to ride around the barn she works at. The horse I ride, Julie, had gotten shots and her neck was swollen […]

  • Six Presets and an Itchy Trigger Finger

    Hey radio broadcasters, here is a concise list of things that will make me immediately and instinctively change to another preset radio station: A commercial with an 800 number. Because i know they will repeat it at least three times, and that fast repetition is annoying. Dead air for more than 3 or 4 seconds. […]