Listening in on a Wire

I’ve been a fan of the TV show ‘The Wire’ since i first saw it. Originally, it was just good police drama. a well done show that did not rely on gimmicks, wild chases or thousand bullet shoot outs. The show happens in Baltimore, not one of the staples TV rely on (LA and NY).

Re-watching the second season, i’m better understanding more of the appeal:

– It’s a smart show. If you don’t know what a DNR is in the first season, let alone the second, the show may not be for you (and make sure to know the difference between a DNR and wire). The show doesn’t have two or three main characters, it has a dozen or more. If you lose track of who’s who, the show will confuse you. It isn’t like most public tv shows, you don’t get every little event spelled out minutes later. For example, while i like CSI, it annoys me because of just that: [Nick collects evidence] [three minutes of commercials] [Sarah walks up “is that the evidence you collected from Jane Doe at the scene near that car lot on Broadway Blvd?”]. The show doesn’t treat you like a moron, and that is refreshing.

– It isn’t a procedural. Don’t get me wrong, procedurals have their place and many are good. However, there are too many and shows like Lost demonstrate that quality TV will keep viewers without the same formula every week.

– Every character, without exception, is deeply flawed. Not just some trite flaw that will be overcome by the end of a season. These characters are deeply flawed, and you know they will never get past their demons, never resolve their issues and continue to wade through a murky life as best they can. Despite this, you are guaranteed to find a character (or two) that you can easily related to. And that character may not be a police.

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