A Bad Month for Critters…

I lost Pringle mid-April, and lost Juineapig mid-May. This month, Nugget had a growth on her flank that required removal. After diagnosis, a second trip for surgery (under anesthesia so risky), and what will be a third trip to remove sutures is required. It is benign and mostly proactive care, but a Trichofolliculoma can cause ongoing problems and will never go away on it’s own.

Nugget is home and doing well, but she must be segregated while she heals. I have her restricted to the bottom floor of the mansion, originally with Biscuit, now with Tater. I’ll swap in other pigs as I can. Given the location of the sutures, the only threat to her is another pig dominance mounting her. Biscuit has never done that to any pig that I have seen, Tater has only done it once or twice. The only other piggie I can swap in possibly is Waffle, who seems to have bonded with Nugget long ago.

(Pringle / Nugget / JuineaPig)

For the cats, Badger is doing great, healthy as can be. Speedbump on the other hand has serious issues with his teeth and more. A blood workup shows his kidney is failing and becoming a renal-failure cat, common for 15+ year old felines. His teeth are in bad shape and is due for surgery next week to get them cleaned, many removed and more. After that he goes on a special diet as well. His surgery will cost between $500 – 1k. Of course the little bastard is worth it.

Between the three pigs and two cats, I think I crossed the ~ $2500 mark for the last 6 weeks of pet care. Guess i need to curb my sushi, hooker and blow habbit.

(Speedump / Badger)

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