Month: June 2009

  • Box of Shit: Part 4

    At some point around 2008 I put together a box with a bunch of random shit laying around. Nothing of value, all stuff you question why you even kept it in the first place basically. Off it went to an unsuspecting victim/friend. From there, the box-of-shit was born. Since then, I have sent out hundreds […]

  • What is it like…

    [06-11 04:18] friend: so what is it like to be jericho? Seems a simple question, but I’d be curious to see what anyone else replies with if asked the same question. the answer will greatly vary from month to month, more so year to year I bet. Many years ago, while watching The Thomas Crown […]

  • A Bad Month for Critters…

    I lost Pringle mid-April, and lost Juineapig mid-May. This month, Nugget had a growth on her flank that required removal. After diagnosis, a second trip for surgery (under anesthesia so risky), and what will be a third trip to remove sutures is required. It is benign and mostly proactive care, but a Trichofolliculoma can cause […]

  • Concert Review: Leonard Cohen

    [This was originally published on] Leonard Cohen played at the Red Rocks Amphitheatre tonight, which was his last stop in the US for his 2008/2009 tour before he moves on to Europe in July. During his lengthy show, he and his band performed around 20 songs including almost every popular/hit song. For a rough lineup, it was the same […]