Some time between afternoon lettuce and evening lettuce, Pringle passed away. She was resting comfortably, head on a small pillow; she clearly did not suffer. While I had an eerie feeling the last few weeks that something was up, our pigdoc said she seemed fine and that her minor weight loss was not significant. There are times where i’d see her sleeping, having serious spasms. They looked as if she was having vivid dreams, but it’s likely it was a symptom of something neurological. She was adopted on March 9, 2008 from a shelter. When we got her, she was severely malnourished, well under 700 grams and extremely skinny. Her first doc visit resulted in finding ovarian cysts, which she had a surgery to remove. Despite all of that, and despite what was obviously an uncomfortable life before the shelter, she rebounded well. She became a very lively pig, very friendly, didn’t mind being held or petted. She would “prairie dog” for vegetables and was always curious what you were up to.

Her one year with us was spectacular.

update: necropsy revealed that everything in her system was good except her liver, which had End-stage liver disease. there are several things that could have lead to it related to her previous health issues.

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