Opera upgrade woes

I use the Opera web browser for doing work on OSVDB. It started when I used 6.02 and it was a screaming fast browser and lasted for years. At some point the site became more feature rich and the ancient version didn’t cut it. I bit the bullet and upgraded to Opera 9 which had been out for a while and it worked well. I used 9.2x for a while and was pretty happy with it, despite some annoyances that I worked around.

Last night it gave me the option to upgrade to 9.50. Thinking “it’s all in the 9 family, it shouldn’t be too bad”, I opted to do it. Bleh, what a mistake. While it kept many of my settings, it changed the appearance of the browser enough to make me regret it. I can no longer find options or appearance changes (all of which is far from intuitive) that affect how my browser behaves. My tab bar is two rows even though i have less than one row of tabs open (no way to resize that i can find). When a page loads, it no longer shows the shaded progress bar in the tab. Using the number 1 and 2 no longer cycle through tabs (not a custom setting from before either). ‘Undo’ is no longer in the right click context menu.

Little things but I came to rely on simple browser features like that when dealing with a dozen tabs.


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