Update #2 on Snickers

Snickers got a bath; she is all pretty, smells good and doing well.

I am now playing the vegetable game, trying to figure out which veggies she likes, which I can get her to eat even if not her favorite and which she will clearly not touch.

Kay got her a feeding ball thingy, which I am placing veggies in. Snickers fights with it, doing her best to pull the veggies out. This is apparently good for gpigs and stimulates their mind as well as gives them a workout. She struggles with the ball and chews at the veggies, she seems to like it.

We also have a flexible ‘rainbow bridge’ that is shaped to form a ramp up to a plastic tray hanging off her cage. I’m putting some of her veggies in the tray to force her to walk on the bridge, as the solid wood is good to help keep her nails filed down. She isn’t a big fan of it, but she will suffer it to get to fresh cucumbers and romain lettuce. So far, she loves cucumbers (can we say “crack”?) and romaine lettuce.

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