Vulnerabilities becoming more mainstream?

[This was originally published on the OSVDB blog.]

Before 2005, it was fairly rare to see a news article specifically covering a vulnerability. They would usually pop up if a vuln was used in a mass compromise, the basis of a worm propagating, or affected large vendors such as Microsoft and Oracle. This year however, it seems more and more news is being written about vulnerabilities. Some may be explained due to vendors being considered more mainstream (Mozilla & Apple), while others may be attention being put on underlying technology that drives more mainstream applications or high profile lists. Two examples of this can be seen in Mailman [OSVDB 13671, Article] and CPAINT [OSVDB 18746, Article].

More recently:
OSVDB 19255: Firefox flaw found: Remote exploit possible
OSVDB 19227: New Cisco flaw could pose threat to Net
OSVDB 19089: Microsoft Investigates New IE Hole
OSVDB 18956: Reports: Long Registry Names Could Hide Malware

Additionally, it is getting to be routine to see articles covering monthly patch cycles:
Microsoft patches IE, Word, Windows
Microsoft to release six patches, some ‘critical,’ next week
Major Oracle Patch Covers Enterprise Products, Database Server
Apple unloads dozens of fixes for OS X

To stay even more current, articles covering ‘0-day’ vulnerabilities still in various stages of the disclosure cycle.

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