#579: Rest In Peace

[F.U.C.K. is an e-zine that I started on January 24, 1993 and ended on January 24, 2000. One concept is that articles should be timeless if possible, so they were not released with dates. This was the only file released with a date.]

They say that all good things must come to an end. If they were truly good, I doubt they would end.

To many, this file should not come as any surprise. With the last year came very few releases for the zine. Many say the quality of them had gone down as well, but that is a matter of personal taste.

I am well aware of the arguments for keeping the zine alive. It takes no effort to just leave it on the back burner and not kill it off. While true, I think it does a disservice to our readers. It gives them the illusion that it will one day come back and be an active publication. Mind you, based on submissions it easily could be. However, on the part of those running it, the inflow of new articles is still not enough to keep the interest.

I have been thinking for the past week or so on how to end this zine. A journal of sorts that has lasted most of my adult life. Seven years in the making. A sounding board to dozens of people who felt it was the best voice to carry their thoughts and feelings. The zine was being read worldwide before the first issue was posted to an Internet FTP site. Having that kind of readership at the time was a phenomenal tool to the handful of writers.

Rather than end this with a long rant, I think it more appropriate to end it on a short note. From here on out, F.U.C.K. is dead. While not impossible, it is quite improbable that it will be brought back to life. New rants and articles can be found on my new hobby, Attrition (www.attrition.org).

After this file is posted to the FUCK mail list (fuck@attrition.org), I will open the list for unmoderated discussion. That will leave the wouldbe writers a forum to share their ideas. I also encourage the writers who submitted files that were not published to resubmit them to other zines. Just because I didn’t get around to your file doesn’t mean it wasn’t worth reading. Further, FUCK Poetry Venture will continue on. Submissions to jericho@attrition.org, subscribe to the list by mailing majordomo@attrition.org with ‘subscribe fuckpoem’ in the body of the message.

It’s been a fun ride.

aka Jericho

Jan 24, 1993 – Jan 24, 2000

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