Month: August 1999

  • Concert Review: Switchblade Symphony

    [This was originally published on] Venue: The Nile in Phoenix, AZ I had anticipated this concert for over three years. After missing Switchblade twice in Denver, I thought it clear I would never get to see them. Fortunately, they played here in Phoenix while I happened to be in town. And I’m damn glad they did. […]

  • Concert Review: Razed in Black

    [This was originally published on] Venue: The Nile in Phoenix, AZOpened: for Switchblade Symphony Based in Hawaii, the four members of Razed in Black blend styles and sounds from several genres including industrial, techno, and a bit of gothic/darkwave. Originally called ‘Rime’, their music has evolved over the past five years into a dark and heavy […]

  • How to Get A Real Security Budget

    [This was originally published on SecurityFocus and mirrored on] There you are, a highly paid professional administrator for a large Information Technology (IT) shop. Responsible for dozens, sometimes hundreds or thousands of machines that process company business;business in the form of vital correspondence between Research and Development, financial transactions for your countless customers. Perhaps […]

  • Music Review: Jane Jensen (Comic Book Whore)

    [This was originally published on] “I wanna be a super sonic cheeka” and that she is. Years after her first album, I find myself waiting for her return and hoping that she is still in the music game. I picked up her CD a few years back in a time when music was becoming […]

  • The Newbie’s Guide to Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt

    [This was originally published on Hacker News Network (HNN) and mirrored on] Introduction Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt (FUD). We all live with it, and we’re all accustomed to it at one level or another: “Do I have enough insurance?”; “Did I leave the coffee pot on when I left for work this morning?”; “Will […]

  • Life in and around 6 South, 626

    [This was originally published on Aviary Magazine and mirrored on It was written by Dale Coddington and myself.] Recently, two of the Attrition Staff caught up with Kevin Mitnick and asked a few more questions about his living conditions. We presented him with an article by Kimberly Tracey (-1-) to establish a baseline for […]

  • Poetry #35: outcast

    [This was originally published in F.U.C.K. poetry Issue #35. The publish date is approximate.] in company of outcast among the banished slight prayer for the punished musical benediction parting psalm for the future deceased guilty by association sixth world waiting don’t you love? all but the truth our witness