Concert Review: Razed in Black

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Venue: The Nile in Phoenix, AZ
Opened: for Switchblade Symphony

Based in Hawaii, the four members of Razed in Black blend styles and sounds from several genres including industrial, techno, and a bit of gothic/darkwave. Originally called ‘Rime’, their music has evolved over the past five years into a dark and heavy sound mixing the better parts of all genres.

Most of the concert’s songs came from Razed’s new full length album titled Sacrificed. Taking on a darker and deeper tone, the music is hard to classify under a single style. The first few songs started out as short tunes that seemed to rely heavily on guitars and distortion. By the fourth song, it was apparent that something was wrong with their setup as the vocals were hard to hear and understand.

Each song began with a solid and enjoyable synthesized mix, leading into a heavy bass and drum line. Despite not hearing the lyrics, the vocals were a nice balance to the dark and haunting music.

Halfway through the show, crowd participation soared with a small mosh pit and more dancing. Given the heat of the venue, any movement not involving drinking fluids was a surprise.

After the concert, our staff caught up with the twenty eight year old lead singer Romell Regulacion for a few questions.

When asked how this performance compared to others, Romell replied that a lack of monitors and bad submix lead to a show that might not have been as good as most. With the guitar and drums overpowering vocals, it was difficult to understand the lyrics. Despite this, the voice and music still pleased the audience. Romell told us that songs from the new album Sacrificed had deeper meaning than people think.

In his spare time, Romell takes to the beach for body boarding and surfing. Given that tonight’s concert was their thirty-fifth on this tour, we imagine trips to the beach might be few and far between.

Some fans consider Razed “the new leader of industrial” and says their latest release “shows an understanding of both rhythm and music that goes beyond nearly all other industrial albums to date.” The Attrition staff recommends this album as a refreshing sound in the world of industrial.

Razed in Black is:
Romell Regulacion
– lead vocals, qtv, programming
Ivan Delaforce
– drums & triggers
George LaCava
– guitar
Daniel Bitten
– Sampler & FX

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