Concert Review: Switchblade Symphony

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Venue: The Nile in Phoenix, AZ

I had anticipated this concert for over three years. After missing Switchblade twice in Denver, I thought it clear I would never get to see them. Fortunately, they played here in Phoenix while I happened to be in town. And I’m damn glad they did.

Kicking off around 10:30, Switchblade took the stage in front of a couple hundred cheering fans. The first song began and ended with fabulous trombone solos, reminding me of the diversity of their music. The haunting voices of Tina and Susan are perfect examples of what makes the gothic genre so appealing and so beautiful. Tina’s vocal talents are a hard act to follow with her ability to hit a wide range of notes, and hold words seemingly forever.

Switchblade’s lyrics descend upon the crowd as poetry and lyrics. Each song seems to tell entire stories in a matter of a few words. The mix of vocals with subtle industrial overtones leads to a thoroughly enjoyable and unique sound.

Attendees of the concert received a welcome treat from the band: the first live performance of _Wrecking Yard_. As the band sat down to play, Tina began the song “Gather ’round to hear this tale, A story which has grown old”. The first time live version was well received.

Unlike large venues, the smaller crowds often lead to more lively and personal shows. Switchblade and the Arizona crowd reacted well to each other. In between songs, the band listened to requests and interacted with fans shouting their sentiments. One thing that stood out was how appreciative Switchblade was to their fans and the turnout. Despite being a popular band with almost a decade background, it is apparent they value their listeners and perform for them. When the crowd is happy, they are happy.

In the rare hours of her free time, Susan has taken to reading about healing, herbs, vitamins, and natural applications of each. Of all the places they have been, she says that they love to play in Denver of all places. Of course, that is where I missed them twice. For fans wanting a web page or mail list, Tina says to be patient, they are both coming soon. Reluctant to give out a date, she hinted toward October for the rollout of both.

After the concert, Tina met the lead singer of Doppleganger who was overjoyed to have finally met Switchblade. She wasn’t the only one impressed, Tina was able to sign an original vinyl cover of a fan. Shocked to see it, Tina quickly told him “I don’t even have one!”

Switchblade’s biggest complaint about the Phoenix concert? “It was too hot!” of course. But hey, “it’s a dry heat” 🙂

All in all, an excellent performance, well worth seeing for everyone.

Thanks: Michael and Randall for their kind assistance in introducing me.

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