Poetry #28: (untitled)

[This was originally published in F.U.C.K. poetry Issue #28. The publish date is approximate. It was originally written April 16, 1999]

   leather constricting, rubbing raw, blood flows 
        free. metal rings cold against arm, pain fires
        through. chain flows away into the wall. a
        virtual cross am i.

                eyes closed it could be a noose
                more leather adourns the neck.
                cold steel hangs below touching my
                neck. restricts and reminds me of
                all things controlled.

        at the mercy of her. life in her hands
        all my choice. essential trust i barely
        gave. everything i value in the air over 
        so often. my will caves in, pleasure

                trust and faith scare people else
                bondage would enjoy greater frequency.
                mortals fear it, and reap no rewards
                it may bring.

        oh the lack of control, how it feels
        how i shudder as she rapes me. my
        mouth full of her flesh or i might scream

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