Poetry #27: nom

[This was originally published in F.U.C.K. poetry Issue #27. The publish date is approximate.]

        what's in a name you ask?
          far from divine, it begs why not what
          culture has deemed so much wrong
          we go tiptoing through life, trying..
             not to disappoint
             not to let down
             not to..
          my ruling passion is spilled out in name
          name with no apparent explanation
          silently damn one for bearing my cross
          it's so much more though
          with my name comes admission
          unto no other can i pass those weights
          doomed to verbal crucifixion
          seeking escape but not knowing
          mindless incoherent sleep made thought
             still no escape
                mea culpa
          let me burn now, for i have taken my pain in your presence

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