Poetry #06: map of my night

[This was originally published in F.U.C.K. poetry Issue #6. The publish date is approximate.]

more eclectic, eccentric, out of touch    another kernel compile,  more mail
A              all meaning lost to all    2.0.55 bombed shortly after 2.0.31
small slice                  except me    another man page, another util now
of my random thoughts                I    known.  continued wonder of lamers
and the strange day that i keep having    with power they cannot comprehend.

several  calls    freestyle a blessing    the apocalypse looms around us all
throughout the    for without form the    calling out for the world of souls
night, present    mind can wonder mean    next day, next year, next whatever
company in one    thought down the new    more childish fear or maybe a tool
form,  comfort    trail, chaos of mind    for lemming mass control. i bet it
of friendship.    a simple expression.    is the latter. just one faithless.

cascading flame the warmth    1:52 and disarray is    sleep comes for us all
red and blue dance around.    all there is.  vague    maybe some music so he
mesmerizes poets young kid    glimpse of something    can relax,  let broken 
enthralls taunts and tease    to come. yesteryear.    dreams take his pains.

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