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Post on The Lame List? YESSSS!


Lame. BBSing these days. Is it just me or has it become an honest waste of time? I used to sit around calling all the local boards faithfully, putting hours of work into them, and hoping they would become good boards. I would advertise on other boards, post on almost every sub, UL files, and other shit like that. I was always big on posting though. A good board to me was a board that had a lot of good quality posts. Files didn’t matter much to me and they still don’t. I have the files I need and jillions of files don’t mean a good board right off. Games got pointless really quick. The good games you play a lot, get good at, then get tired of because you win all the time. That happened to me in TradeWars. Now I don’t play any onliners. Except one actually and that is called Immortal Struggle. Anyway, so that leaves only one other thing on a board basically. Posting. Some people don’t get into posting near as much as others for some reason, but most don’t know what they are missing. What is the purpose of posting anymore some people ask. You post to the same people over and over and talk about everything. Not really. There is always a significant number of new BBSers, and a significant number of older people leaving so the turnaround rate is big enough to allow new conversation all the time.

Sub topics. Each board that I am on, there are the typical subs. Anonymous, ‘real name’, and a few others that each sysop seems to put on his/her board. Sure they generate the posts but they are usually lame posts not worth reading. Other boards have specific topics and the sysop jumps down the throat of anyone who doesn’t stay on topic. That isn’t the answer. Some of the best posting subs have names that are irrelevant, but keep up good posting. People see a place where anything can be posted here, and run with it. These are the subs that usually generate really good posts, about a number of topics, and are well worth reading.

Nets. Locally we have WWIVnet, Virtualnet, and a few others. The others are the underground nets that seem to be worth reading all the time. But with so many BBSers that don’t know about stuff around here, very few have access to them. So that leaves WWIVnet and stuff. WWIVnet is sorta cool but many lamers occupy it. Lot of people that only know about one kind of board, call out little, and are hit with a bunch of bullshit rumors about other topics so they don’t know a lot about shit. For example, on one sub, we are talking about viruses, and most of the people on there are so misinformed it isn’t funny. They stereotype people, label people for little or a lame reason etc. The underground nets that do come through here are the only reason I call locally anymore. Since I have started reading them I am making an effort to get more through here.

Posting locally. How do you improve it? I have no idea. Seems all the “Christmas” modemers have infested the BBSing scene and made it go downhill. Ignore the terms ‘elite’ and ‘newbie’ and it still breaks down to just that you have the older people that know what BBSing should be like, and the, new people that think this is all there is to it, and are content to go with it. They don’t realize that it used to be hundreds of times better than this. Even if you hate the terms, you have your ‘newbies’ that come in, post a message with total bullshit in the middle of a good sub, then two days later figure out how to read what is on that sub. They know nothing of posting etiquette, nothing of who else is posting with them, and many times will just jump in with an attitude of “I know what I am doing”.

Thing to think about is how to fix it. One thing that helps, is sysops point out some of these things to new users. Tell them to DL files that help them out. They are out there, text files that tell about abbreviations, signs, and etiquette. Seems sysops these days just want users on their boards, and don’t care about the quality of a user.

Bah. I don’t know where this is coming from. Probably coming from my long distance bill as that is the only place I can call to find good posting like the old days. I know the old days to me are just a couple of years ago but even back then, it was cool to BBS. Always interesting new posts on many subs, and taking 30 minutes to read the new posts on a board was nothing. Now, if you spend more than 5 minutes on, you must be doing a file transfer or playing a game or something else.

If you are reading this, then try to do something about it. Change the way you post and then try to change the way other people post. I don’t mean to change what they are saying, or whatnot, but to help out others and make sure more quality posts get posted. Nothing should be wrong with giving friendly reminders that a post is stupid and nothing should be wrong with deleting pointless posts.

ho hum. You get the point of this I hope. And I hope you will do something about it. Start with yourselves. That is all there is to it.

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