Poetry: Nothing but impressed was I at first

Nothing but impressed was I at first,
Expected so little, yet received the worst,
One fell swoop was all it took
to make me take a second look.

At first everything seemed to work out all right.
I looked forward to talking each night.
You seemed so different, special, and great.
Never could I find a reason to hate.
I let down my guard, dropped my walls,
You were the first to enter my emotional halls.
To all my friends, I spoke highly of you
The slants I received you never knew.
Yet I took them all in stride
and throughout it all I kept my pride.
We went out, our time spent was good.
The person you became, I didn’t know you could.

Despite the way you treated me
You must know, I couldn’t do it to thee.
No matter what could happen or what has been
Always remember; You can call me your friend.

[What follows is a mostly finished reprise, written at the same time, but finished an unknown amount of time later.]

You need someone to care for you,
so you’re not so bitter and cold.
And if you are lucky,
maybe you’ll love before you grow old.

Friendship comes so hard, but means so much,
Oh my longing for your gentle touch.

You were the first to accept the real me
for who i was, and who i am
In return my love for you i did decree

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