Poetry: They Say…

They say the world is great…

Forget about famine and hunger,
Forget about racism and war,
Forget about ecology and resources,
All the countries are like that.
There are too many ethnic barriers that can’t be broken.
Too many countries act on their own.

They say you should be proud to be an American…
No. Not me. Not from what I’ve seen.
Almost every American takes life for granted.
Most are too lazy. Most are ungrateful.
Americans look for the easy way out or the short out.
Americans don’t want to put out the extra effort.
American aren’t the best.
The best are gone. They lived long ago…
They lived together in harmony and unison.

They say the future looks bright.
Don’t worry about the ozone.
Don’t worry about conservation.
Don’t worry, it doesn’t make a difference.
Earth is a problemworld.
Too many problems to be dealt with.
Doo much worrying about military power.
Military power that won’t be used.
Our world is dying… Will no one save it?

[A word from the author: This poem was written at a time when the outlook of the world was not too bright. The future looked like hell.]

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