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  • Splashing around New Zealand

    Splashing around New Zealand

    Woke up, got breakfast, took the nice drive into Queenstown. This time, the scenery was better as the weather was considerably improved. I ended up driving most of the way and I managed to stay on the left the entire time. As with everything, Kiwis are backwards. Not just the driving, but the windshield wipers…

  • Sounds like New Zealand

    Sounds like New Zealand

    NZ domestic flights are a stark reminder of how our travel used to be. I didn’t have to show ID to get on the plane. Didn’t have to take my shoes off going through security. Showed up 40 minutes before the flight with time to spare. Flying into Queenstown is neat. You approach the town,…

  • Lessons from New Zealand

    Lessons from New Zealand

    What I learned in New Zealand today: NZ does not have squirrels. None, not a single one. Oddly enough, they sell little pewter squirrels in the gift shop at the Auckland zoo. *boggle* Before I die, I may commit one international violation and import squirrels into this country. Two positive notes; they have stoats here…