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  • Rebuttal: Cyberwar, Part 73

    [This was originally posted on attrition.org.] This is a rebuttal piece to a series of Tweets by Dan Holden on 2013-03-11 (displayed below). Please note, that @ErrataRob and @DesmondHolden both provided follow-up, which are included below my rebuttal. If you read mine, read theirs. If that isn’t acceptable, navigate away now. I’ve been pretty vocal about my […]

  • Rebuttal: Yes, I have. Have you really? (on Cyberwar)

    [This was originally published on attrition.org. This is a rebuttal piece to Cyber War – Fact from Fiction in the shadow of the Tallinn Manual (2012-09-14) by @wh1t3rabbit (Rafal Los).] I was asked to provide comment on this blog piece because of my involvement with Josh Corman in presenting on the topic of Cyberwar (PPT) at BruCON in September, 2012. […]

  • Rebuttal: Dear Cyber Avengers; Encouragement and a Gift

    [This was originally posted on attrition.org. This is a rebuttal of sorts, to a tweet by @Beaker (10/18/2012) and a follow-up tweet by @Raistolo. This rebuttal basically wrote itself, as almost all of the data comes from the presentation “Cyberwar: Not what we were expecting” by @JoshCorman and myself.] While I am sure Beaker is not dropping his cloudy dealings […]

  • Cyberwar: Not what we were expecting

    For BruCON 4 (2012), and for THOTCON 0x04 (2013), Josh Corman and I presented on Cyberwar. While the topic has been beaten to death, our talk focused on two aspects. First, a solid debunking of the rhetoric and hype that has dominated the topic for years. Second, building up a new set of ideas that […]

  • Cyberwar with China: Self-fulfilling Prophecy

    [This was written by Sioda and myself and originally published on attrition.org.] Voltaire once wrote, “If God didn’t exist, Man would have to invent Him.” It would seem that the popular press has taken this axiom and turned it on its ear. At the time of this writing, we are inundated with Chicken Little style […]

  • Defacement-Commentary Address

    [This was originally published on attrition.org.] “CyberWar Rages in the Middle East!!! YOUR Servers could be next!!!“ This is the kind of crap coming out of so-called security companies and news media lately. The real irony is that they are using data from the Attrition web defacement mirror to support their hyped conclusions. Let’s take […]