Month: February 2021

  • “Secure” E2E Messaging Apps: More Than Meets the Eye

    [This was originally published on] Secure messaging apps, often touted as having end-to-end (E2E) encryption, have become extremely popular in recent years. This popularity has increased even more in the last two months, likely influenced by increased anxiety over the power wielded by “big tech” and endorsement by celebrated tech business leaders like Elon […]

  • The Value of Backfilling

    [This was originally published on] In every quarterly Vulnerability QuickView Report, we include a chart that shows how many vulnerabilities were disclosed so far that year, along with the most current counts of prior periods to show relative growth and decline.  In some cases, like this year’s Q1, that chart shows a decline compared […]

  • January 2021 Reviews (Soul, Kajillionaire, Greenland, Lupin Part 1, News of the World, Freaks, Joker, Aquaman, Prospect, Rememory)

    [A summary of my movie and TV reviews from last month, posted to, mixed in with other reviews.] Soul (2020)Medium: Movie (Disney)Rating: 5/5 movie and music magicReference(s): IMDB Listing || DisneyDisney knows how to do modern cartoons and this is no exception. The story follows Joe, a school band teacher who seems to have […]

  • The Misery (Index) Data

    The Misery (Index) Data

    The Misery Index is a game on TBS hosted by Jameela Jamil, starring The Tenderloins, better known as the Impractical Jokers (Joe Gatto, Brian Quinn, James Murray, Sal Vulcano). You can read more about the format and style of the game on its Wikipedia page. They bring humor to the game to augment the humor […]