Photos: Presidential Race Called / Denver Celebration

I woke up this morning to the presidential race being called in favor of Joe Biden and started watching live feeds from around the country. After checking the Denver Channel 7 news feed from the helicopter I saw there were quite a few people at the capitol celebrating. Since I am fairly close I decided to walk down and experience it in person. The following pictures were taken on a Samsung Galaxy 8, so pardon the low quality. =)

First, it was a beautiful day and reached 76 days with the nice fall air. The news chopper as well as Denver Police Air 1 were circling above, as well as two small drones and a few birds. While watching the feed earlier it was interesting that a dozen Trump supporters were present, sectioned off with police tape. There were three lines of police separating them from the hundreds of Biden/Harris supporters. By the time I got there the police were already leaving the area despite a handful of Trump supporters remaining.

The police had blocked off around ten blocks to prevent traffic on three sides of the capitol as well as the Civic Center. This is obviously good for safety and worth it in the big picture, even if an inconvenience to local traffic. The empty roads in the middle of a busy city always fascinate me.

A few of the lingering Trump supporters stuck around having a discussion about politics which was encouraging to see. One supporter stood in the middle of those celebrating with a Trump Train flag as a cape and was joined shortly after by someone wearing all black and camouflage. Biden supporters asked him what his purpose was in demonstrating like that and he would not answer. I later noticed the flag-caped supporter getting into a car with a purple heart license plate confirming my hunch he was ex-military.

The Biden/Harris supporters that showed up were truly happy and celebrating the morning’s news. At one point a truck playing music for the crowd spurred a hundred people to do the electric slide.

Even with a few lingering Trump supporters, the crowd ignored them and just enjoyed themselves. After several hours at the capitol the group started marching into downtown and I headed home.

Regardless of your politics, I hope you appreciate that our country desperately needs to heal.

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