Month: November 2020

  • Comic: Criminal

    Comic: Criminal

    So this idea for a comic goes way back to 2000/2001 and fortunately I had a friend who sketched it out. The file date is from August, 2001, but I don’t know for sure that is when it was created. Idea by me, art by H. Poteat.

  • Twitter, Companies, and your Complaints

    The rise of social media has been interesting to say the least. Many on twitter have found it to give them a type of power as they can voice their complaints directly to a company that has wronged them. Everything from bad customer service, bad prices, minor inconvenience, or even perceived slights that likely never […]

  • Comic: “Damn movies…”

    Comic: “Damn movies…”

    I’m not an artist but I occasionally have ideas. I contracted ‘Quickcartoon‘ on Fiverr to put one of my ideas from early this year into a comic strip. Pretty sure I had this idea years ago and from time to time remember it, often after watching a movie that involves the C.I.A. Woman: Where do […]

  • More authorities, more CVEs; Oh, and more commentary.

    On November 10, TechBeacon published a great article by Rob Lemos titled “More authorities, more CVEs: What it means for app sec teams” in which I was quoted, along with several other people. Like many articles of this nature, those who provide input often will talk for as long as half an hour and ultimately […]

  • Vulnerability Counts Are a Moving Target

    At the end of each year, we see articles covering how many vulnerabilities were disclosed the prior year. Because the articles are written about the same time of year, it gives a fairly good initial comparison from year to year; at least, on the surface. This is the foundation of statements such as “Security vulnerabilities […]

  • Photos: Presidential Race Called / Denver Celebration

    I woke up this morning to the presidential race being called in favor of Joe Biden and started watching live feeds from around the country. After checking the Denver Channel 7 news feed from the helicopter I saw there were quite a few people at the capitol celebrating. Since I am fairly close I decided […]

  • How Many Trees Are You Celebrating @arborday?

    The Arbor Day Foundation is a 501c(3) nonprofit organization founded in 1972 that seeks to “inspire people to plant, nurture, and celebrate trees“. I received a “Colorado Tree Survey” from them today, part of what is a never-ending stream of snail-mail spam that I have written about before. For this envelope, the thing that caught […]