Any wonder why people use images without attribution?

Found the perfect image for my @BSidesDE talk. Noticed in the corner a tiny ‘GettyImages’ watermark, so I went to their site to see how much it would cost to license. Because I happen to know they require a license… which I imagine 99.9% of the modern Internet world does not. The auto-pricing options did not seem to match my intended use, a regional talk to maybe 75 people. I chatted with a rep to ask if there was a better price than $495 quoted by the web site.

Welcome! A representative will be with you shortly. For your security, do not give out your credit card number or other sensitive personal data during a Live Chat session.
You are now chatting with Andy.
Andy: Hello! How can I help you today?
Brian Martin: When selecting the pricing options, the drop down listing possible uses does not include anything close to what I want to use the image for.
Andy: How do you plan to use the image?
Brian Martin: For a regional public conference (free to attend), I am not being compensated for the talk.
Andy: Okay, will it be in a presentation?
Brian Martin: Correct
Andy: Okay, we do have a license for that. What image were you interested in?
Brian Martin:
Brian Martin: That is an IBM 7094 if you would like to update the information =)
Andy: Michelle Williams at Beyonce’s bday party?
Brian Martin: No…
Andy: Okay, I must have pulled up the wrong image
Brian Martin:
Brian Martin: “woman at computer control panel 1960 high res”
Andy: Okay, woman at her computer panel?
Brian Martin: yes
Andy: yes, I see it.
Andy: Okay, so this usage will fall under our External Presentation license
Andy: You can find that under our Marketing Use category
Brian Martin: OK, that was not on the drop down list. How much is it to use the image for such a purpose?
Brian Martin: OK, but this is not marketing at all. Just a talk about the history of software vulnerabilities. I am with a 501c3
Andy: How many people do you think will be ata this conference?
Andy: Right, but it’s a public conference right? Not just your company?
Brian Martin: think they are expecting 150 max across two days, maybe 75 max in my presentation
Brian Martin: Correct
Andy: Okay. Even though it isn’t marketing, that is the correct license for this use.
Brian Martin: OK, how much is that?
Andy: Pricing for that license comes out to be $685
Brian Martin: Unbelievable
Andy: Is that anywhere near your budget for this project?
Brian Martin: Since GettyImages hates 501c3 non-profit work for the advocacy of better computer security, I will have to find an alternate image. Thank you for your time.
Andy: No problem. Enjoy the rest of your evening!
Andy: Thank you for chatting today. We value your feedback. Please click the “Close” button at top right to answer a few questions about your experience with us today.
Thank you for chatting with us. Please click the “Close” button on the top right of the chat window to tell us how we did today.

I understand they want to make a profit, but without more granular licensing, do they have any doubt people freely use their images in presentations or web sites, simply cropping out the watermark?

If I had used GettyImages for each image in my presentation, I would be looking at a convenient rate of about $34,250.

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  1. $34k is a healthy income, especially if you’re collecting that from 1,000 people at the same time. Damn.

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