Consolidating Rants

It’s no secret that many things set me off in society and the industry. This results in my constantly taking notes about possible articles, rants, and rebuttals. I’ve been doing it for a long time. Time permitting, and more importantly mood depending, I stop everything and focus on one. It is the only way one gets finished.

For the last week, I have been working on consolidating all these notes. Spread out over four machines, in different formats. While I narrowed it down to three machines, it is appropriate as they are specific to the disclosure venue. This blog for general material, for security related, and the OSVDB blog for VDB related (a subset to the security realm).

In the security realm, what surprised me the most, is that some 70% of my rants-to-be were still valid. These covered a variety of topics within the realm of security, and dated back as far as 2001. It is a glaring reminder of how little things have changed, and why I am constantly depressed and frustrated with how ineffectual we have been at achieving an improvement in security.

Almost 50 general security rants, 25 draft blogs here, and another 8 draft blogs on OSVDB. Oh, another 30+ moved to an obsolete folder. So much to write, so little time, so much apathy.

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