You posted the business hours, not me…

Safeway (@safeway), my local grocery store. A few blocks from home, where I go several times a week. Also the home of my pharmacy, where I spend an inordinate amount of money, including almost $1100.00 yesterday. That is not a typo.

Tonight, I get there at 11:47 and find the door closed, even though they close at midnight. I am sensitive to the customer who comes in a minute before closing, especially a restaurant. However, this is my Safeway, where I am faster on the self-check machines than half of your checkers. I am in an out in under 10 minutes on a big shop, let alone tonight where I want a couple items.

The security guard says they are closed, but opens the door for me when I say “i just need a couple items”. Two steps in, he starts giving me a hard time, and I ask him when they close. I show my phone, which reads 11:50 by that point. He says no problem, go ahead quickly. I take one more step, and a loud cashier is yelling at me from 20 yards away saying they are closed. By now, security guard and cashier, with a Denver Police Department officer standing idle watching, I realize they really do not want my business. My final “I just want a couple things” is met with a half-assed “well…” by the cashier, so I leave the store. I get it, you want to leave early tonight, and you want me to leave right now.

Most nights? I wouldn’t care. Tonight? I care. Denver is expecting up to 18 inches of snow tomorrow, making such shopping difficult, problematic, or dangerous. I showed up 15 minutes before closing, well-timed, as I planned, with the intention of being out the door and on the way home before midnight; your posted closing hour.

Fire code makes you post those silly “These doors to remain open during business hours” stickers above your doors. Yet you do not follow them, despite people being in the store. Sure, not all customers, because you turn most away despite your posted business hours. You are breaking fire code to some degree, to turn away loyal customers, hours before a huge snow storm is to hit our city. No matter how you cut it, you are a terrible business, and you crap all over your loyal customers.

Either change your business hours, or instruct your employees to honor them. One or the other, it doesn’t matter to me one bit. I planned around your hours, and I will continue to do so, as long as you continue to operate under the hours you set. Now that I know you will not honor your schedule, there is no reason to continue to visit your store when I know King Soopers is 24 hours, and honors that commitment.

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