Twitter, the Ultimate Better Business Bureau

Over the last year, I have learned that Twitter has become the ultimate medium for getting a company’s attention. When you complain about a company and include their @ name, the potential for a lot of people to see it is there. As such, companies have quickly figured out to be very responsive, and very quick in responding to public complaints there. Personally, I have had good luck with this, and found many companies to be responsive and quickly fix, address, or promise to look into my issues. Today, I had another quick win.

ABC news sends out email-based news flashes for high profile happenings. I subscribe to them, as well as the blasts from CNN. ABC’s mail however, for a year+ now, has not carried a date header. This means that mail comes in, and if you sort by that date, it doesn’t sort well. It is also just bad etiquette not to follow a 30+ year old RFC that mandates that header in all emails. I took @ABC to task over it this morning before I went skiing:


By the time I got home, ABC had sent out another news blast, and this time it carried the date header! After over a year, all it took was a single Twitter complaint.


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