Subway, the Missing Inch, and Karma

In case you hadn’t heard, Subway is embroiled in a lawsuit over them serving up 11″ sandwiches, while advertising them to be 12″. While it doesn’t sound like much, those missing inches add up over time. There is also the whole truth in advertising issue.

I’ve been going to Subway for a long, long time. My first experience was in the early 90’s in Albuquerque. I’ve gone through their phases, including the “V” cut phase, while consistently ignoring the concept of making “every bite equal”. Recently, it involves between 1 and 4 trips a week. I’ve been on a first name basis with a dozen employees of my local Subway over the last 8 years. I offer this to establish that I am a loyal customer and frequent the stores quite often.

My experience at Subway today was so absurd as to be laughable, instead of make me angry. I ordered a 6″ sandwich like usual. The employee took out what appeared to be a 6″ piece of bread, put it on the counter, and consider it. Remember, Subway serves 6″ and 12″ sandwiches, nothing between. After considering it for a second, she cut off about an inch and a half of the bread and put it back in the case. Uh… what?

First, if that wasn’t a 6″ inch piece, it means the person before me didn’t get a 6″ sandwich. Second, if it was, it means she arbitrarily decided to short me an inch. Finally, why keep a 1 – 1.5″ piece of bread that can’t be used for another sandwich? There is simply no logical reason to do that to a customer, especially when Subway is catching grief over shorting people.

In conclusion Subway; after shorting customers for years, is it really such a bad idea to show some good sandwich karma and give a customer an extra inch?

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