Month: January 2011

  • Lessons from New Zealand

    Lessons from New Zealand

    What I learned in New Zealand today: NZ does not have squirrels. None, not a single one. Oddly enough, they sell little pewter squirrels in the gift shop at the Auckland zoo. *boggle* Before I die, I may commit one international violation and import squirrels into this country. Two positive notes; they have stoats here […]

  • International Concourses, Layovers and a Wandering Mind (LA / Sydney)

    Six hour layover in Sydney, but free wifi. A few things I realized the last 15 hours: – International terminals at airports are fun, but LAX is the best. Every employee, I wonder if they are just incidental locals, or transplants that migrated here in hopes of being in [music|acting|porn]. – Not even Bose QC2 […]

  • The Voice of Technology Past

    The other day, my mother dropped by before we went to lunch. She handed me a piece of paper folded into thirds with something solid inside. She told me i sent it to her some time ago for safe keeping. The letter simply read “This is the material I told you about. Please save this […]