What features are sorely lacking from VDBs?

[This was originally published on the OSVDB blog.]

For over ten years, most Vulnerability Databases (VDBs) have done little to evolve. In some cases, they appear to be devolving. OSVDB recognized this many long ago but has struggled for years with a lack of resources, particularly developers. Now that we have saved up enough money, we have hired our only developer part time. Within weeks, Dave has implemented CVSSv2 scoring, enhancements to search, fixes dozens of bugs and already has working mock ups of several additional new features that should fully demonstrate our commitment to evolution. That lead me to think.. while we have dozens of ideas for enhancements and features, what do the users want? Or more to the point, for people who don’t use our database, what features do you find missing from OSVDB or your favorite VDB? What could a VDB do differently, or do better, to make it a (more) valuable resource? No promises on what we can or will implement, but we are all ears. Mail moderators[at]osvdb.org!

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