My MMA Wish-list…

I enjoy watching mixed martial arts (MMA). It is extremely demanding, compared to boxing for example. The multi-disciplinary style each fighter must learn or cope with keeps fights interesting. While I appreciate a good old brawl in the cage, I can also appreciate technical fighting and submissions. That said, there are some parts i’d love to see change, even once in a while.

  1. “I have to thank God..” as part of the winning speech. Ok fine, you got the power from God. Just once, one of these god-fearing religious types need to blame god when they lose. “Well, i guess God had it in for me this time..” or maybe “Wow, ya know, God really failed me here.”
  2. A fighter needs to enter the ring, and not have a single tattoo. No visible ink at all. No over-done tribal, no cursive names, no elaborate fiery demons.
  3. A fighter needs to enter the venue to an unconventional song, these ‘bad ass’ songs and lame rap songs are boring. Joe Blow entering to Portishead’s “Sour Times” would be great.
  4. Just one fighter, needs to use his name, and not a nickname. Joe Blow fighting this time. Not Joe “The Savage” Blow or Joe “Facemangler” Blow.
  5. If you talk shit for days before a match, don’t wuss out afterwards, even if you win. You spent hours calling the other guy a pussy, saying he can’t fight and that he chugs cock between matches. After you beat him, or he beats you, don’t wuss out with “yeah, just talking shit, he’s a great fighter blah blah wimp wimp”.

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