Month: September 2009

  • windows is beyond a joke (or, why we’ll all be using macs soon)

    Mom has been limping along on a 7 year old computer that tries to run XP. Unfortunately, Dad loaded MS One LiveCare on it and didn’t realize that they could do the internetz w/o the MSN software from the ISP. This comp is a dog, so miserably slow I would literally throw it in the […]

  • My MMA Wish-list…

    I enjoy watching mixed martial arts (MMA). It is extremely demanding, compared to boxing for example. The multi-disciplinary style each fighter must learn or cope with keeps fights interesting. While I appreciate a good old brawl in the cage, I can also appreciate technical fighting and submissions. That said, there are some parts i’d love […]

  • OSVDB Content Update

    [This was originally published on the OSVDB blog.] I always mean to post these more often, but I find myself bogged down in adding entries and putting off blog updates. Quite a few little blurbs and thoughts related to OSVDB content. Changelogs I love vendors who maintain good changelogs. A good changelog has many attributes: […]