Month: April 2009

  • If You Can’t, How Can We?

    [This was originally published on the OSVDB blog.] Steve Christey w/ CVE recently posted that trying to keep up with Linux Kernel issues was getting to be a burden. Issues that may or may not be security related, even Kernel developers don’t fully know. While this is a good example of the issues VDBs face, […]

  • Legacy

    Had a chat with my ‘rents earlier about legacy. they have never asked me about ‘settling down and having kids’. Mom hasn’t asked me about a grandchild or done what many moms frequently do with (not so) subtle pressure to have spawn. Got me to thinking that i am not carrying my mother’s maiden namesake, […]

  • Pringle

    Some time between afternoon lettuce and evening lettuce, Pringle passed away. She was resting comfortably, head on a small pillow; she clearly did not suffer. While I had an eerie feeling the last few weeks that something was up, our pigdoc said she seemed fine and that her minor weight loss was not significant. There […]