Do you know why?

I frequently want to ask people that question. “Do you know why..” and then ask why they do something. Ultimately the cause will be one of two reasons; 1) they were brought up doing something or taught that way, and never challenged the legacy or 2) marketing and advertising that snowballs into an unspoken force that manipulates the way they think and make them believe that doing it is ‘cool’ (or choose your word). Why do we continue to wear suits and ‘business’ clothes when they typically serve no purpose other than feeding a tradition and legacy lost on most? How many business men wear a shirt and tie and know why the tie was originally invented/used? Why did formal suits have four layers of clothing (undershirt, shirt, vest, coat)? Why do we continue to wear shirts that require cuff links, and if they don’t require them, why do we continue to wear them anyway? I can only answer one of these three questions, and for that I pretty much refuse to wear a suit under any circumstance.

For the younger crowd its worse. Why do they wear their pants down and ‘sag’? 99% of these dipshits don’t even know what culture started it, let alone why (and it’s all fucking ridiculous). Why do these little emo kids wear their hair in their eye only to move it out to do something that requires using their eyes? Why do people wear hats or other clothing with the original tags on? That twenty dollar baseball cap showing it is OFFICIAL NBA merchandise does what exactly? Show that you paid a whopping 20 bucks for a cap and it isn’t a knock off? Sorry kid, you aren’t near the hustler / gang banger you think you are if you have to prove yourself over twenty bucks. A large part of the rap culture needs to just die in a fire, and quick. The hypocrisy and delusions that these assholes are ‘hard’ or living the thug life is better than professional comedy. They rent big houses, big boats and hire girls for their music videos. If you are living that life, why do you have to rent it? If rappers have such talent as some say, why do they rap about the same stupid shit over and over? If they are so intelligent like some try to claim, why can’t they evolve and move past this bullshit of a culture wrapped in such violence? It’s a self built cycle perpetuating itself, filtering down to the streets where kids claim “you don’t know what its like” and saying they had to bang to get by. No you little dipshit, that was the easier alternative to actually studying in school. It’s the rest of your own neighborhood and community that made it hard, the same ones spouting the same bullshit you do. If life is so incredibly tough, then moving a few miles and getting a job should be easy.

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