June 2008 Reviews (In the Name of the King, Balls of Fury, Reno 911!: Miami)

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This Movie Bits review is dedicated to a few recent comedies.

In the Name of the King


Some mythical land, some boring king, some farmer that must be a hero since there is focus on him. So normal and so not a hero that he is only known as Farmer, how clever! So his wife gets kidnapped and his kid killed, he must take revenge against the nasty Krugs controlled by some bad wizard or something. Oh hell, I’m bored writing this review already. This movie sucked ass, and I am glad I downloaded it and didn’t waste money. On the plus side, I did laugh at it, wondering yet again why Boll gets money to make shitty flicks.

Yes, Uwe Boll flicks are pure comedy because no one can take them seriously. This movie is another reminder of the long history of poorly done medieval style flicks. For some reason, with the exception of Lord of the Rings, every director has some notion that low budgets and poor acting will somehow produce a movie that can be respected and quality. Subtitled “A Dungeon Siege Tale”, hopefully people who play this game found some merit in the movie because I certainly didn’t.

Rating: 0/5 (I owe the MPAA nothing)

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Balls of Fury


The epic tale of a bad-ass ping pong player cast from grace as a child, overcoming glow-in-the-dark side shows, training under a blind ping-pong master, going undercover for a federal agency, all to overthrow the evil ping-pong overlord Feng. What’s not to like! Locker room humor, kicks in the nuts, bad puns, Christopher Walken going over the top, this movie has it all. Watch and follow Randy Daytona find his inner strength and struggle to master ping-pong. Follow him as he macks on the token hot chick (overly stereotyped Asian girl) and fends off the ping-pong bullies. When ready to face his own fears and the loss of his father, he ventures to Feng’s fortress to engage in a battle of the best, culminating in a to-the-death ping-pong match against Feng himself.

Go into this movie expecting light and crude humor, Walken playing a fun bad guy and little else. You will leave wiser, happier and glad you saw it.

Rating: 3/5 (I owe the MPAA a few bucks)

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Reno 911!: Miami


Our favorite police from Reno are back and off to Miami for a law enforcement conference. As expected, they are stopped at the door and cast aside like the morons they are. What better way to set the group up to be the only active police in all of Miami! Without the Comedy Central TV burden, they unleash on the big screen with bad words, gratuitous nudity and their usual hijinks. Responding to 911 calls, overthrowing a drug czar, ferreting out corrupt politicians, getting drunk and losing respect, all in a day’s work.

If you aren’t familiar with the TV show Reno 911, this movie may be awkward to you. If you are a fan of the show, this movie will deliver exactly what you expect.

Rating: 3/5 (I owe the MPAA a few more bucks)

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